Family Life Care provides support services for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being for all ages and abilities. Sometimes things happen that challenge independent living for you or your loved ones. From pediatrics to geriatrics, we provide a vast array of services from temporary help to full-time skilled nursing care. (Click on title for explanation)

Skilled Nursing
Services prescribed by a physician consisting of either part-time or intermittent nursing care provided by a registered nurse or license practical nurse within the scope of the Florida Nurse Practice Act.
Medication Supervision
Services provide a licensed nurse to set up weekly medications in a daily reminder book as ordered by the physician. Certified Nursing Assistants may only remind and assist with the self-administration of medication.
In-Home Support
Support worker provides companionship and personal care, and may assist with or perform activities of daily living and other duties necessary to maintain the recipient in supported living, from 4 - 24 hours a day assistance for persons with disabilities.
Respite Care
Service that provides supportive care and supervision to an individual when the primary caregiver is unable to perform these duties due to a planned brief absence.
Certified Nursing Assistant
Service provided by someone who has been certified by the Florida Board of Nursing. ALL staff submits to a nationwide background screening by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). Maintain continuing education and training to perform the tasks needed in a home setting including hands-on personal care.
Home Health Aide
A service for the elderly or disabled person needing more extensive care than family or friends can provide. For some, activities of daily living such as dressing, bathing, or eating can be very difficult. A loved one recovering from surgery, an illness, or following hospitalization may need either temporary or long-term assistance.
Meal Preparation
Services include preparation of meals which are nutritional using resources available in the home. Clean up after preparing the meal to allow the utmost state of cleanliness and safety.
A service providing a companion to assist with regular activities like going for walks, helping with hobbies and crafts, shopping assistance, encouraging and participating in stimulating activities, and helping with correspondence to family and friends. We offer overnight sitters for that extra comfort in knowing someone is available at all time. A companion may not provide hands-on personal care to a client.
A service providing household services such as housekeeping, meal planning/preparation, shopping assistance, and routine household activities including laundry for elderly, handicapped, or convalescent individuals. A homemaker may not provide hands-on personal care to a client.
Chore Services
This service is to help maintain a clean and sanitary environment at the individual’s home. These services include, but are not limited to, heavy household chores such as washing floors, windows and walls, lawn care, tacking down loose rugs and tiles, replacing a broken window, or moving heavy items of furniture to make the home safer.
Additional Services Offered
• Will assist to arrange transportation for appointments. We do not provide transportation.
• Vital signs checked
• Encouraging positive outlook to promote emotional well-being
• Share helpful strategies to overcome physical limitations
• Counseling services - assistance will be provided to locate a certified professional if one is not readily available on staff
• Share the Care for facilities that occasionally need additional staffing